Jeff Wang‍

Hello, welcome to my personal website. I am Jeffrey, but please call me Jeff. Previously from Massachusetts, I go to San Marino High School, located in San Marino, California. I intend on majoring Computer Science and Media Studies. I have been programming for quite a few years and I do everything that I can to improve. I am currently working on several projects, but you can contact me at any time if you need help! I would describe myself having a high rectitude and compassion.

What's on my mind: Setting up titanHacks (club + hackathon), doing a side project and looking for a research opportunity!

A highschooler's "resume"

Personally, I do not like the word resume being associated with a high schooler but here we are. This is by no means a complete, comprehesive list.

Interesting things about me

Intersting conversation starters as well!

On my free time...

High school and beyond is stressful which is why I want to share this list with you if you need ideas on how to relax!

Find me!

I am a very talkative guy so feel free to find me walking around school or contact me through the following methods!